On-Demand Webinar

Score Your Org – Salesforce Health Check

Optimize Your Salesforce Org

During this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn the best way to identify the biggest opportunities to improve your org. Our Salesforce experts will provide you with immediate analysis and remediation tips and recommendations that you can apply to your org.

Unlock the full value of the Salesforce Platform

Learn how a leading manufacturing organization increased efficiencies, improved adoption, and established best practices that enabled them to streamline and scale their operation to meet their growing business needs.

Viewers will be provided instruction on how to produce a comprehensive report that shows the health of their Salesforce instance. Our team of experts will review how to use this report as a roadmap to get your organization back on track and optimized to drive adoption and improve the overall Salesforce user experience!

Meet Your Hosts:

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Peter Knolle

6-Time Salesforce MVP, Trifecta Technologies

Peter Knolle is a Salesforce Enterprise Architect at Trifecta Technologies. Peter is also a 6-time Salesforce MVP and most recently was inducted into the Salesforce Hall of Fame in 2020. In addition, Peter was the co-founder and co-organizer of the Lehigh Valley Salesforce Developers Group. Peter has been featured on the Salesforce Developers Blog multiple times and has presented at multiple Salesforce events.


Scott Geosits

9-Year Salesforce Enterprise Architect, Trifecta Technologies

Scott Geosits is a Salesforce Enterprise Architect at Trifecta Technologies. Scott has been working with Salesforce to architect and develop enterprise-level solutions for over 9 years, working with some of Trifecta’s largest and most successful customers. Scott has also been a speaker at a number of Salesforce events on topics including building enterprise commerce solutions on the Salesforce platform.


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Why Trifecta Technologies

Trifecta Technologies empowers organizations to become transformational forces within their industry. Trifecta provides industry expertise coupled with implementation services and extended solutions utilizing the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. We specialize in manufacturing, retail and eCommerce and enable our customers to deliver maximized value in every interaction.